ENGIE Selects tado° 360 to Widen its Digital Heat Services
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ENGIE Selects tado° 360 to Widen its Digital Heat Services

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 29, 2020

tado° today has announced a partnership with ENGIE Home Services.

FREMONT, CA: tado° announces today a partnership with ENGIE Home Services to bring tado° Smart Thermostats and tado° remote boiler diagnostics to more users. This new solution brings more responsiveness and assurance to customers in the event of an issue arising. The partnership is now live in France and Romania.

tado° 360 is a SaaS product which remotely and in real-time monitors, the health of a homes heating system, collecting diagnostics that can be used by engineers for faster, more efficient repairs and maintenance. This saves both the homeowner and ENGIE Home Services time and money, offering a new level of customer experience.

The tado° Smart Thermostat connects to the customer’s boiler and establishes a two-way digital connection for both control and analysis. It allows ENGIE Home Services to remotely monitor the health of the boiler by analysing metrics such as water pressure, pump speed, and error codes. When tado° detects an issue, detailed insights are relayed to ENGIE Home Services who can then immediately diagnose the problem and solve many problems directly on the phone. If an engineer needs to drive out to a home, they already know which replacement parts to bring to repair the heating system on the first visit.

“ENGIE is at the forefront of digital change in the French and European energy market, and we are delighted to launch tado° 360 to digitally connect home heating systems with ENGIE Home Services,” states Toon Bouten, CEO of tado°. “The data provided by tado° 360 enables ENGIE Home Services to deliver more holistic and highly-efficient customer-friendly services.”

ENGIE Digital is helping to drive the digitalisation of ENGIE Group affiliates to provide more sustainable energy solutions as well as an improved customer experience. Yanick Bigaud, President ENGIE Home Services says: “Integrating digital technologies, such as tado° 360, into our existing ecosystems to meet the needs of increasingly-connected customers is a clear trend in our business. For several years now we have seen a strong acceleration of our digital usage, but the current health crisis has shown us that remote services are particularly effective levers to enable us to ensure the continuity of services and bring added value for our customers.”

In the UK, tado° has strong partnerships with E.ON, Ovo Energy, SSE, Igloo Energy and others to provide households with more energy-efficient control of their heating systems. tado°s European utility partners, which also include Naturgy and Essent, serve over 75m households.

tado° Smart Thermostats can significantly save on home heating costs by making use of several energy-saving features. Geofencing ensures that the heating is only on when the home is occupied. At the same time, tado° also turns down the heating to save energy when open windows are detected and adapts to the weather for maximum efficiency. Users can also benefit from individual multi-room control for additional comfort and savings.