Top 20 Energy Technology Companies - 2017

Top 20 Energy Technology Companies - 2017

Today’s global energy sector with its vast landscape of evolving energy systems, devices, applications and consumers is producing copious amounts of information about changing customer behavior, distribution channels, production service models, regulatory standards, and more. Energy Technology solution developers are under the increasing pressure to use such information to deal with energy supply limitations, environmental mandates, intermittent renewables, the growing popularity of plug-in electric vehicles and consumers’ desire to use energy more efficiently.

A medley of technologies like real-time system monitoring, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), ultracapacitors, smart grid, and new biofuel technologies utilizing the cloud, mobility, big data, analytics, and IoT are working towards bringing about optimized consumption at reduced costs, high workforce productivity as well as quick and efficient business decisions. While some technologies focus on satisfying regulatory mandates and increasing reliability, some seek to empower the consumer to use energy productively. With fluctuating dynamics in the energy sector, consumers may find it taxing to pick among new vendors providing technological solutions for energy storage, renewable and distributed generation, and peak demand reduction that are greatly sought after.

In order to assist consumers in identifying the Energy Technology solution most suitable for optimizing their business, a team of prominent CIOs, CEOs, and analysts along with CIOReview’s editorial board has analyzed the strengths and capabilities of the top contenders in this field. This edition of CIOReview features companies with in-depth expertise in providing cutting-edge Energy Technology solutions that help consumers tackle the challenges involved in consumption and management of energy.

We present to you CIOReview’s “20 Most Promising Energy Technology Solution Providers-2017”

Company Name

Company Description

3M [NYSE:MMM] Develops and supply a quality reliable connection to the grid and reduces the weight of power transmission lines and enable them to carry more power
Caldwell Energy Company Provider of all types of turbine inlet cooling technologies: Wet Compression Technology, Evaporative Cooling with Fog, Chilling and Thermal Energy Storage
Cendec Systems Develops flexible, configurable solutions that can be easily integrated to manage and control cash flow in small to large scale enterprises
Emerson [NYSE:EMR] Provides solutions for managing an electrical grid to dealing with food waste to wiring an outlet
EnerNOC: [NASDAQ:ENOC] Provides Energy Intelligent Software platform that demystifies energy consumption and the costs associated with it
ExxonMobil [NYSE:XOM] ExxonMobil uses innovation and technology to deliver energy to a growing world
General Electric [NYSE:GE] Delivers maximum flexibility and minimal cost in all types of gas compression applications
Honeywell International [NYSE:HON] Provides solutions to meet demand for aromatics, olefins and LAB, while increasing product revenue, improving processing efficiency and utilizing alternate feedstocks
IBM [NYSE:IBM] Provides industry-leading solutions for energy and utilities organization
Infor Manage assets, compliance, reliability data, and uptime — all with one solution
Lunera Delivering energy savings to organizations through sensor-based, IoT enabled light bulbs
Oracle Corporation [NYSE:ORCL] Provides a comprehensive platform of leading-edge solutions to empower utility business transformation—from asset operations to the customer experience
Paragon Energy Software Delivers exposure and other risk management solutions for the energy markets
Rockwell Automation [NYSE:ROK] Offers integrated process control, motor control, safety, and information solutions in one open, scalable architecture which provides complete plant-wide control for energy generation
SAP [NYSE:SAP] Provides solutions to optimize capital spend, maximize return on assets, and improve profitability while running safe, sustainable operations
Schneider Electric Helps to manage energy and process in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable
Sierra Wireless [NASDAQ:SWIR] Offers transformative Iot solutions to provide intelligent public safety, smart energy, and water management solutions
SolarReserve Developer of utility-scale solar power projects, which include electricity generation by solar thermal energy and photovoltaic panels
TAS Energy Designs and manufactures modular energy conversion and cooling systems for the data center and power generation industries
Wave PowerSteward Reduces PC energy consumption, producing an immediate ROI and savings ranging from $25 to $100 per PC annually