Enertia Software: Spurring Business Intelligence with Streamlined Workforce Ability

Business seeks creativity and when creativity meets strategy, a company reaches to the level of excellence for itself as well as for its clients. Under the enthusiastic leadership of Kevin Schmidt and his hands-on creation that nurtures out-of -the-box thinking, ‘Enertia Software’ imbibes the innovation brilliance of developing an integrated enterprise solution that caters to the upstream oil and gas space. The company develops a premium software solution that allows its customers to streamline data analysis, enhance workflow processes, and increase efficiencies for improved business intelligence.

Upstream oil and gas software is lagging in terms of technology advancements. The need for complex enterprise resource planning and increased accountability, has led to necessitate fully integrated solutions with modernized options. Enertia Software addresses such needs with its upstream integrated solutions, driving key changes to the modern producer’s technology architecture. This includes processes that make application integration faster and more standardized. The firm wipes out the legacy systems by enhancing technical architecture and application functionality through internally funded or collaborative client projects. Taking an inclusive approach, Enertia delivers the same set of application functionality to all its clients through bi-annual software upgrades. “At Enertia Software, we strive to provide our clients with the technology, tools, software, service, and support they need, to have a competitive advantage in today’s upstream oil and gas industry,” asserts Schmidt.

Enertia brings a suite of dynamic solutions like accounting and financials, land and contracts, well production and mapping. Additionally, the firm delivers time saving productivity tools to meet the requirement for streamlined processing performance, reduced closing cycles, and automated complex business scenarios. The company renders comprehensive lease and contract data management for the user- defined terms and provisions, locations and ownerships, obligations, recordings, and assignments along with leveraging a native map solution as a direct interface. This capability is unmatched by any other application suite and is an indispensable tool for any user looking for data related to something that is, or should be, on a map.
Reflecting Enertia Software’s core competency is its long record of customer success stories that the company acquired after its rigorous critical findings and implementation. The firm aided one of its illustrious clientele with its outstanding solution–enterprise resource planning–integrating all their digital operating solutions. The customer ‘Chaparral Energy’ was challenged with the need to handle and manage several applications required to access multiple data to review its current and potential drilling activity. Presently, for Chaparral, its enterprise decision relies on Enertia. “Just about everybody at Chaparral uses Enertia Software’s robust products. Our land people use it for land administration and balloting; accounting staff for financial recording, reporting and planning; production department personnel for production gathering and reporting; reservoir engineers to update their reserve reports; and drilling crews to monitor costs,” said Reggie Cook, Chaparral’s vice president and controller.

Enertia is a singular, common software application solution that can be delivered to address any or all of the integrated component parts

Going forward, Enertia Software envisions pursuing its charisma to scale solutions delivering a mobile platform that integrates seamlessly with web services to produce a SOA solution galvanizing the creativity of its team. “Using the power of mobility, integration and workflow we are working together to define and incorporate the life cycle of the well. In addition, these new tools also incorporate leading edge BI and Data Management tools,” Schmidt concludes.

Enertia Software

Houston, TX

Kevin Schmidt, President & CEO

Develops integrated enterprise solution for the oil and gas industry, providing data seamless from the field to the financials while offering a fully integrated, enterprise grade system.