Ameresco: Boosting Energy Management with Smart Renewable Techniques

George Sakellaris, President & CEO
Upon receiving the Edward T. Bryand Distinguished Engineering Award for his contributions to the energy industry, George Sakellaris was humbled as he said, “there are so many other graduates who deserve this more.” Such humility is apparent in his mission to make a positive contribution to the health and welfare of the planet. As an entrepreneur, and educator of renewable energy, Sakellaris, CEO of Ameresco, thinks energy consumption has a profound effect on economics and environment. “But eliminating industrial waste and instituting greater efficiencies are the major challenges in energy landscape.” With a vision and mission to find cost-effective ways of reducing energy waste, Sakellaris founded Ameresco [NYSE:AMRC]. Being an independent energy services provider, Ameresco creates innovative energy solutions to enhance power conservation, addresses a customer’s entire energy stream, and also utilizes the latest advances in technology to provide more opportunities for greater energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Ameresco’s comprehensive energy management solutions reduce power consumption costs and enable businesses to handle energy management challenges, and achieve sustainability goals. “Our integrated energy information analytics platform, Ameresco Intelligent Solutions (AIS), offers insights into customer’s facilities and their usage, and helps to identify areas for improvements and cost saving initiatives,” shares Sakellaris. AIS also supports efficient and effective procurement strategies, and offers the historical data and information for effective energy decision making. Ameresco’s various budget-neutral solutions like Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs) and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) eliminate the financial barriers that traditionally hamper energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Through ESPCs, the company remunerates all the costs involved in identifying and installing new or upgraded energy-efficient equipment within a pre-identified time limit. And with PPAs, various commercial, industrial, institutional and government enterprises can find ways to monetize operations that are traditionally expensive. “As a renewable asset developer, we also provide innovative renewable technologies like rooftop and ground-mount solar arrays, solar thermal installations, and biomass, biogas and landfill gas solutions,” articulates Sakellaris.“By coupling our budget-neutral solutions with renewable power sources, our customers can enjoy a reliable power source that offers protection from volatile energy markets.”
As a value-added service, Ameresco offers an innovative energy bill service, Ameresco Axis Invoice Management that reduces the human error risk in utility-bill management. “It seamlessly transfers energy invoice data and delivers detailed analysis for universitiesor global enterprises,” asserts Sakellaris.

Being an equipment-neutral and technology-agnostic company, Ameresco allows engineers to use the most appropriate technologies for each project. Among numerous success stories throughout the U.S., Ameresco’s distinctive achievement came while serving U.S. General Service Administration (GSA). They needed to improve the energy performance of two GSA’s federal buildings. Through ESPCs, they aimed for maximum energy savings. Ameresco also installed comprehensive energy conservation measures and solar and geothermal technologies to reduce total energy consumption by 60 percent. The project included modernizing both the buildings with the installation of 11,000 individually addressable LED lighting fixtures controlled by a network of over 2,000 sensors installed in the buildings. As a result, the customer’s greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 20,000 metric tons annually. Also, cost savings in the first year were of more than $2.8 million.

By coupling energy efficiency and financing arrangements with renewable power sources, our customers can enjoy a reliable power solution that offers protection from volatile energy markets

Since its inception, Sakellaris has taken Ameresco to a new height of success with over 1000 employees located in more than 70 local offices throughout North America and the UK. Moving forward, Ameresco team is aiming to continue advocating for more widespread adoption of energy efficiency, strategic energy utilization, sustainable business practices, and renewable energy sourcing.


Framingham, MA

George Sakellaris, President & CEO

Ameresco is an independent provider of comprehensive energy services and solutions throughout North America and the United Kingdom