Comverge: Comprehensive Solutions for Transforming Energy Infrastructure

Gregory J. Dukat, CEO
Organizations that support energy conservation need to effectively monitor and manage energy price and environmental cost, and ensure seamless power supply. However, energy suppliers are battling to offer lower energy costs, meet regulatory demands, and ensure grid reliability. The existing issue with energy infrastructure is the decaying grid system – power grid is straining to keep up with the ever-increasing thirst of people for electricity that occurs due to economic development and population growth. Generating electricity involves long-term plans and investment but no initiative is being taken to expand the capacity and upgrade the grid. In other words, the providers are faced with the challenge of having a reliable and robust grid system. To address the issue, Comverge, an industry leading provider of integrated demand response and energy efficiency solutions, enables electric utilities to ensure there is reliability of grid and maintenance of energy costs. Comverge helps utilities leverage every aspect of energy management program through its offerings and empowers customers to optimize energy use efficiently that meets the regulatory requirements. Gregory J. Dukat, President and CEO of Comverge, says, “We enable energy providers to optimize the power usage and meet peak demand through industry's proven, comprehensive set of technology, services and information management solutions.”

The company offers Demand Management programs such as demand response, energy efficiency, and customer engagement which increase energy awareness among utility customers. IntelliSOURCE, offered by Comverge is a demand response management system that includes a set of capabilities for successful deployment of a demand response program. IntelliSOURCE has Curtailment reporting that provides graphical and statistical information to enable analysis and performance evaluation of demand response program. Dukat asserts, “We understand energy efficiency is necessary, that's why we provide solutions which increases the energy awareness among utility customers and enables them to use electricity conservatively.”

Comverge’s array of solutions drives productivity in energy resources thus enabling organizations to improve energy supply. By virtue of having a dynamic pricing program, Comverge’s Demand Response solutions ensure there is management of energy cost which is done by dynamic pricing program wherein the customers can pay and chose the usage of power.

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Comverge SmartPrice, the dynamic pricing solution, helps utilities quickly and cost-effectively realize the benefits of a dynamic pricing program such as significantly shaving peak demand, lowering customers’ electricity bills and increasing customer satisfaction. Another solution of Comverge, Load Control program, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the reliability of grid. Furthermore, Load control program offers positive environmental benefits, by avoiding the use of peak load generation sources which, even for renewable, have a negative environmental impact.

Many of the Comverge clients’ have brought forth significant operational benefits by leveraging the solutions offered by Comverge. Wadsworth Electric, an electric distribution system operated by City of Wadsworth, OH, is one such beneficiary. Wadsworth needed to deploy in-home display infrastructure in order to implement a load control program supported by a dynamic pricing program. The goal was to enable customers monitor and control energy usage. Comverge was chosen by Wadsworth for their expertise in software and hardware support services. The company integrated Load Control program with Wadsworth's existing software and worked with Wadsworth developers for a viable Demand Response program.

With developments around the corner, Comverge is planning to expand into the Demand Response market in regions like Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. Dukat concludes, “In the days to come, we will be helping customers to implement innovative Demand-Side Management programs.”


Norcross, GA

Gregory J. Dukat, CEO

Comverge is a provider of integrated demand response, energy efficiency, and customer engagement solutions