Nexant: Innovative Software for Demand Side Management and Grid Edge Planning

Basem Sarandah CEO
The demand for energy is ever grow-ing, and operational complexities and customer dynamics continue to evolve and challenge utility CIOs. Dis-tributed energy resources (DER) and new grid edge technologies are changing how energy is generated, distributed and used, and electricity customers are increasingly concerned about environmental impacts and sustainability. To meet these chal-lenges, utility CIOs are seeking software solutions that help them optimize business processes, improve visibility and develop comprehensive insights that boost efficiency and sharpen decision-making—from the customer to the control room.

Focused on a sustainable energy future is San Francisco-based Nexant, which was founded in 2000 and provides software, consulting and services to utilities and energy enterprises that require operational efficiency, demand side management (DSM), regulatory compliance and customer engagement. “Advanced software systems that optimize utility operations, improve transmission and distribution planning, and enable a customer-centric approach for demand side management will ultimately reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction,” says Basem Sarandah, CEO, Nexant.

Nexant delivers its solutions through a range of software platforms including iEnergy for DSM and customer engagement; Grid360 for transmission and distribution analytics; and RevenueManager for customer care, complex billing and contract management.

Silicon Valley Power (SVP), an electric utility in California, selected iEnergy Onsite, which is part of the Nexant iEnergy platform, to streamline energy audits, increase program participation and reduce costs while meeting energy savings and customer satisfaction goals. SVP faced several business challenges with the management of its energy assessments. The utility had to manually conduct energy audits in the field—taking staff members out of the office. The utility’s energy assessment reports, like many utilities, also lacked standardization and a central repository for the customer and premise data collected.
To meet these challenges, the utility chose iEnergy Onsite, which was also flexible enough to meet changing program needs.

Grid360 can analyze the impacts of DER and help plan for peak load and extreme weather conditions

Nexant Grid360, an advanced power network modeling, simulation and analysis platform, enables transmission and distribution system planners and operators to build, monitor, analyze and optimize grid operations. For example, Grid360 can analyze the impacts of DER and help plan for peak load and extreme weather conditions. The platform empowers utilities with insights on grid operations, ultimately reducing transmission loss, increasing operational efficiency and improving reliability.

Nexant also serves energy retailers with its RevenueManager software solution that reduces billing complexities, ensures support for customers, maintains supply order, and provides a single data repository for quicker query resolution. Providing deep support to utilities and energy companies, Nexant also offers services around DSM program design, implementation and evaluation as well as customer strategy, planning, and grid modernization. Sarandah adds, “Nexant has experts in power networks, and we provide resiliency and preparedness planning to utilities dealing with security and cyber security issues.

”Building on its 15+ years of clean energy experience and deep domain expertise in utility operations, DSM and grid planning, Nexant fosters innovation by continually evolving its solutions that help utilities and energy companies optimize performance and improve their customers’ satisfaction. “We are always looking for new ways to work with our customers to build a more sustainable energy future together,” said Sarandah.


San Francisco, CA

Basem Sarandah CEO

Provides software, consulting and services to utilities and energy enterprises for enhanced operations and customer engagement