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Dan Kieny, President
Our nation’s critical infrastructure is in a constant state of evolution and growth. As new energy and communication technologies emerge, industries including oil and gas, telecom, power, and railroads, must build conduits to transport and deliver resources as well as manage or replace aging assets. With highly complex systems, volatile products, and significant environment and population safety regulations to consider; the process to engineer, build and manage critical infrastructure assets produces enormous amounts of data.

As a result, niche services and solutions have surfaced to generate, collect and record data produced throughout an asset’s lifecycle. Federal regulations have been put in place to report on that data and ensure safety measures are met based on an asset’s location. Failure to comply can result in significant fines or catastrophic events.

In spite of the solutions and regulations in place, a pressing challenge for infrastructure development is integrating the data produced during a project into a common, accessible platform that allows engineers, third-party contractors and asset owners to deduce actionable tasks. Another pressing challenge is the ability to understand the environment surrounding an asset during the siting, routing, and design. Working toward the goal of becoming “the Bloomberg of Infrastructure,” Pivvot, a software company located in Kansas City, MO, has developed a collaboration tool, Integra Link, that can capture and integrate the data produced during a project as well as access a proprietary, curated database of over 900 public and private sources.

For example, a client investing in a new gas pipeline can now complete a proposed route location analysis with clicking button. “On the backend, Integra Link runs a proprietary linear referencing algorithm that assesses environmental, land, and socioeconomic obstacles in the proposed location. Users can quickly view multiple path options, which can be adjusted based on their criteria. The alternative is hiring an analyst to spend several months procuring and analyzing data which is extremely costly and not efficient,” explains Dan Kieny, President, Pivvot.
Integra Link provides a collaboration platform through next several phases of engineering, feasibility design, and construction— consuming data at every phase and building an ecosystem of iterative, evolving information. As an asset moves into operations, stakeholders can continue to manage their infrastructure for safety, reliability and integrity in one platform. “By using Integra Link, clients can manage every aspect of an asset’s lifecycle. We’re helping them save money upfront from a capital perspective by exposing our curated database to make the best decision. From an operational perspective, clients can access data and collaborate in the ecosystem—improving efficiencies, providing transparency, and ensuring better business decisions,” adds Kieny.

Whether you’re an engineering company, third-party service provider, or asset owner/operator, our platform helps manage assets in the most efficient manner

While the conventional energy solution providers that originally surfaced are still married to expensive servers or desktop-based solutions, Pivvot offers the flexibility, scalability, and lower cost of a Software as a Service (SaaS). With its cloud-based approach, Pivvot’s clients can access data in a familiar Google Map from any device. This allows an oil and gas client to understand the environment surrounding its pipeline, a utility company to deploy and track remediation teams after a catastrophic event, and a railroad company to identify abandoned wells near its track.

To Pivvot, the selling point of “Are you ready to pivot from guessing, to knowing,” is more than just a play on words, or a slogan. Entering 2019, the organization believes it has created a new paradigm for infrastructure, with its data-driven, cloud-based platform. “Our solutions are new and refreshing. Whether you’re an engineering company, third-party service provider, or asset owner/operator, our platform helps manage assets in the most efficient manner, and opens up newer business opportunities,” concludes Kieny.

Pivvot News

Pivvot Expands Location Intelligence Business Development Team

Pivvot™ has appointed CCO, Brian Clarke, and Sr. Director of Product Strategy, Danny Petrecca, to its leadership team and expanded its business development workforce to target the utility and telco location sectors.

Pivvot, a leading provider of infrastructure asset management solutions and location intelligence, is announcing an expansion of its business development team to grow its reach to engineering and construction companies, environmental firms, and the utility/telecommunications sectors.

To lead the effort, Brian Clarke has been appointed as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Brian joins Pivvot with significant experience in leading sales organizations and for advancing niche technology solutions to enterprise software for his clients. Most recently, he was VP of Sales for Blue Cielo, an Asset Lifecycle Information Management provider. His strong expertise lies within business development in cost management software, field services mobile data management, and project management solutions. Brian will guide the growth strategy and fine-tune the business development team at Pivvot, expanding our software to new verticals, companies, and users.

Pivvot has also appointed Danny Petrecca as Sr. Director of Product Strategy. Danny joins Pivvot with significant experience in the utility and telecommunications sectors, primarily in GIS product management, business development and sales engineering. Most recently, he was the VP Global Channels and Business Development at Schneider Electric Geospatial. He previously led the product management, partners and alliances, and sales engineering teams at Schneider Electric, Telvent, and Miner & Miner. Danny will lead Pivvot’s product strategy and market research efforts and guide sales engineering across all verticals to identify new opportunities, position Pivvot’s offering in the marketplace, and develop new solutions to address ongoing industry problems.


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Dan Kieny, President

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