VECKTA: Simplifying The Deployment Of Onsite Energy Systems

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Gareth Evans, CEO and Co-Founder of VECKTA.
In the current scenario, onsite energy solutions and microgrids represent a shift in the paradigm of energy generation, storage and distribution triggered by the increasing demand for reliable, secure, efficient, clean, and sustainable electricity. Although it’s not a new concept to generate and store energy where it is needed, the aging centralized grid of the last century, growing frequency of natural disasters and extreme weather conditions, increasing energy bills and consumer pressure for green products, have led organizations to realize the merits of using microgrids to address modern-day energy challenges. Regardless of their numerous advantages, implementing microgrids can be a complex, time, and resource-intensive task and most organizations do not have the necessary resources or technical understanding to optimally handle their energy transition. VECKTA’s user-friendly, solution agnostic and intuitive marketplace platform helps customers assess what is possible for a single site or across an entire portfolio of projects, and source solutions that meets specific business objectives - cost certainty, security, resilience and/or emission reductions. Solutions range from procuring an energy system through to purchasing renewable energy credits (REC’s) to offset emissions and achieve carbon neutrality today.

VECKTA is revolutionizing how businesses manage their energy transition and specifically how onsite energy systems are assessed, designed, sourced, financed, and deployed. The company’s platform integrates state-of-theart energy system engineering tools with an end-to-end marketplace that brings together all the stakeholders to successfully deploy onsite energy systems that meet the customers desired business outcomes. VECKTA represents the customers needs and streamlines all the technical, physical, financial, and contractual requirements of designing, optimizing, and deploying an energy solution. Powered by XENDEE, the company designs the optimal microgrid by considering a client’s technical, economic, and physical parameters for optimal cost and schedule-effective results. A unique aspect of what empowers VECKTA to help businesses is its extensive network of equipment providers, project delivery specialists, and financing partners. VECKTA’s marketplace platform puts its customers in control to understand what is possible and then select the optimal solution and partners to design, finance, and build their microgrid. It significantly reduces the burden on clients with limited knowledge of the market by providing competitive pricing and worldwide support.

In addition, based on years of energy and supply chain expertise to automate and streamline design and procurement, VECKTA’s platform helps negotiate and award contracts to enable both energy users and financers to make informed investment decisions.Its transparent contracting features facilitate win-win collaboration and ensures profitable outcomes for all stakeholders. Whether it’s self-finance or seeking a zero money down energy-as-a-service solution, users will gain access to industry-leading technologies and local constructors of all scopes and sizes.

To further illustrate the efficacy of VECKTA, an F&B customer situated in Northern California was experiencing power outages multiple times a year, leading to increased operational costs. The F&B customer sought an efficient and sustainable energy distribution solution that would help them survive an outage for up to a week, guarantee costcertainty over the life of their assets and reduce emissions as much as possible. Before engaging with VECKTA, the customer spent eight months working with one of the leading microgrid developers in the market only to be presented with a contract that did not meet their desired outcomes.
In contrast, it took VECKTA just seven weeks to design, optimize, and source the optimal onsite energy system for their business. The company brought together the processes, tools, and trusted partners required to achieve a 90 percent emission reduction profile, cost certainty for the next 15 years and a system that can support the businesses critical infrastructure to operate offgrid for up to a week. Owing to VECKTA’s expertise and innovative platform, the F&B company’s project was pushed to market and awarded to the leading supplier at no cost to the company.

The opportunity for business around the world to embrace the energy transition and create a more sustainable, secure and profitable future is significant. VEKCTA is here to enableour customers to efficiently assess what is possible to achieve theirdesired business outcomes and then powered by technology and a vibrant marketplace, source the most optimal solution in a competitivemanner. In a world of uncertainty, having control of one of your largest and ever-increasing expenditures, energy, while being able to achieve optimal business financial, operational and sustainability outcomes is a must. Today you can source an energy solution customized to your business in weeks-months instead of months to years for zero money down. Embrace this opportunity and take control of your energy future today!

Established in 2019, VECKTA’s founding team and founding investors (Worley & Xendee) recognized the growing need to disrupt and empower the world’s energy systems. The company’s name ‘VECKTA’ was derived from the word ‘vector,’ which stands for ‘having, and providing direction and scale.’ Staying true to its name, VECKTA has built a globally recognized team of experts backed by its innovative platform and has successfully implemented onsite energy systems and mocrogrids for many businesses across multiple industries. The company is currently in the midst of a fundraising round to continue its accelerated growth and expansion. “Businesses around the world want more operational reliability, security, sustainable and profitable solutions. Onsite energy solutions can achieve this and more when designed, sourced and developed in the right way. We are simplifying and accelerating the deployment of energy systems by connecting this growing need with the right suppliers in the market, to generate the greatest return on investment and operational value for our customers over the long term. ” concludes Gareth Evans, CEO and Co-Founder of VECKTA.


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Gareth Evans, CEO and Co-Founder of VECKTA.

VECKTA is the energy transition marketplace platform that seamlessly empowers access to your energy needs. The company was created to revolutionize how microgrids and onsite energy systems are designed, sourced, financed, and deployed. This unique combination enables VECKTA to provide the most advanced platform for the energy transition to customers worldwide.