Top 10 Energy Tech Companies - 2019

Today’s global energy sector with its vast landscape of evolving energy systems, devices, applications and consumers have lead to companies embracing sustainable energy generation. In the process, energy storage plays a crucial role in balancing power supply and demand. By connecting a storage system with a renewable energy system ensures an interrupted power supply even during inappropriate weather conditions. Most energy tech providers are concentrating on storage technologies

On the other hand, microgrids are seeing a constant upsurge by providing energy independence and efficiency. By leveraging capabilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence, microgrid controllers enable continuous adaptation operation. Similarly, latest technologies like blockchain and IoT are also making headway into the energy sector. As a decentralizes system, blockchain is ideal for eliminating the middlemen of electricity suppliers reducing energy inequality and inefficiency. Merging it with IoT can have a significant impact on energy systems as devices can autonomously buy and sell energy in a real time context and monitor performance of energy consuming applications.

In order to assist enterprises in identifying the Energy Technology solution most suitable for optimizing their business, a team of prominent CIOs, CEOs, and analysts along with CIOReview’s editorial board has analyzed the strengths and capabilities of the top contenders in this field. This edition of CIOReview features companies with in-depth expertise in providing cutting-edge Energy Technology solutions that help consumers tackle the challenges involved in consumption and management of energy.

We present to you CIOReview’s “10 Most Promising Energy Technology Solution Providers-2019.”

    Top Energy Tech Solution Companies

  • 1

    Offers cloud-enabled IIoT and automation solutions for saving energy costs and address environmental issues

  • 2

    Designs and installs energy tracking systems for industrial, institutional, and commercial customers

  • 3

    Provides a broad range of cost-effective lighting options for the industrial and commercial industry

  • 4

    Provides a cloud-based analytics software to monitor building performance and energy consumption, while providing actionable insights

  • 5

    Offers complete energy storage solutions to enable its clients with an efficient, reliable, and safe way to analyze their power requirements

  • 6

    A software company that delivers data-driven, intelligent asset management solutions for critical infrastructure

  • 7

    A control room service provider that monitors and controls oil and gas facilities to promote pipeline safety and obtain efficiencies

  • 8

    Provides technological expertise to the global utility community through their designed products and consulting services

  • 9

    Create new revenue streams for energy providers and building owners by controlling energy usage, cost-effectively meeting onsite customer electrical needs while providing grid services into wholesale energy markets

  • 10

    INOVX Solutions

    INOVX Solutions

    Provides a platform and solutions for 3D Asset Integrity Management to companies in the process industries worldwide