How Advantech is enabling an Intelligent Planet through Digital Transformation

Mike Fahrion, CTO, Advantech IIoT Solutions
Mike Fahrion, CTO, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>Advantech IIoT Solutions</a>

Mike Fahrion, CTO, Advantech IIoT Solutions

The convergence of Operations Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) has arrived in the industrial world. Initially, the Internet of Things (IoT) provided the spark that drove emerging IT technology into the world of Operations Technology. That shift illuminated the need to move away from proprietary, dedicated automation appliances and toward open architecture solutions in the Industrial IoT. Transitions to open architecture, as found in the world of IT, were required in order to leverage the enormous ecosystem of technologies, hardware, and software that have emerged and matured in support of digital transformation.

There is tremendous potential to be unlocked in the industrial world. Digital transformation programs are not only improving productivity, efficiency, and quality, but they are also focusing on agility and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing conditions in the market place and workforce.

Advantech’s corporate vision is to “Enable an Intelligent Planet.” The company is a global leader in the fields of IoT intelligent systems and embedded platforms, boasting an industry-leading 34% market shareworldwide in industrial PCs. Digital transformation projects and emerging technologies have created tremendous demand for edge and distributed computing.

Industrial equipment can produce vast quantities of data. Processing that data at the edge provides the ability to make local, real-time control decisions without the latency introduced by networking to remote locations. It also reduces network and storage requirements by publishing only actionable information upstream to remote data centers. Rapid growth in computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) applications are creating compelling new use cases for edge computing, often in rugged environments.

Industrial Embedded Automation Computers

To meet the needs of Industry 4.0, Advantech offers a complete range of embedded automation box PCs capable of edge computing, bridging the gap between IT and OT. The UNO series offers flexible IoT gateways with each series coming in three sizes: palm, small, and regular. With a robust design, they include multiple expansion solutions and versatile mounting in order to fulfill the needs of different applications. 

Edge Intelligent Modular Industrial PCs

Advantech’s MIC-7 series PCs provide high-performance computing, multiple I/O interfaces, and flexible expandability with the integration of i-Modules and iDoor, and can be widely deployed to support various industrial IoT applications. 

Digital transformation is driving requirements for connected machines and connected assets, which is extending the edge of networks and driving the need for more rugged networking capabilities to reach those assets. Advantech has hardware platforms for industrial networking with rugged industrial Ethernet switches, fiber conversion, rugged Wi-Fi, as well as intelligent LTE gateways and routers, all to ensure connectivity to remote assets or those in harsh conditions.

Data is the fuel that feeds digital transformation. Acquiring that data often requires reaching directly to the edge and the ability to convert the analog world into a digital signal. The ability to collect information about our environment, utilization and condition of industrial assets, energy consumption, and more requires connections into the physical world of sensors. Signals from those sensors must then be normalized, digitized, and published over open standard protocols into databases and analytics applications to transform that data into business value.

Advantech has a broad hardware portfolio of edge sensing products that capture data from sensors and publish that data up to applications. These platforms provide a wide range of connectivity options, including wired network connections and Wi-Fi, as well as low-power wireless sensor networks including LoRaWAN and meshing technologies.

Digital transformation projects require broad varieties of technology and domain expertise. Advantech’s open architecture hardware platforms provide an ideal foundation for a broad ecosystem of partners in order to simplify and accelerate the process of solution development and deployment for customers. Bringing together key hardware, software, technology, and domain expertise from best-in-class providers simplifies the digital transformation journey—all while reducing risk, cost, and time.

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